Best phones 2022: top smartphones to buy

Best phones 2022: top smartphones to buy

With the advent of the year 2022, a group of phones of different brands have been launched that, of course, users will be interested in their wars, here in this reports we will present to you the top 4 best phones that were launched in 2022, and we will mention their specifications and prices.
There are always some paradoxes between the arrival time of the smart devices that are being launched, however it can be said that the United States and the countries of Europe get the first devices.

Here, below is a list of the best smartphones of 2022 :

1. Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra :

It's great to see a refurbished Samsung upgrade with a powerful S-class device, which is likely to be the best phone in terms of performance and a high-end design as well. The Samsung Galaxy S30 Ultra comes with the following specifications:

✔ Processor type snapdragon 888 / Exynos 2100 Global.

✔ Random memory up to 16 GB.

✔ Storage space of 512 GB.

✔ The phone has 4 rear cameras with a resolution of 108 + 10 + 10 + 12 MP.

✔ One front camera with a resolution of 40 MP.

✔ Super AMOLED screen size of 6.8 inches.

✔ The phone battery comes with a size of 5000 mAh.

✔ The phone is running the current operating system Android 12. As for the price of the phone, it comes at a price of approximately 1500 US dollars. and it is considered One of the best phones in 2022 .

2. Iphone 14 :

The second device in our list is the iPhone 14 belonging to Apple, after the launch of new versions of Apple phones in recent years, perhaps Apple decided to be unique and offer a more privileged device for this year. These are the expected specifications of the iPhone 14:

✔ It comes with a Snapdragon X65 device processor.

✔ Storage space of 2 TB.

✔ RAM 12 GB.

✔ The front camera has a resolution of up to 48 mp, and as for the rear camera, it is advanced and supports 10 x zoom, and it is also capable of creating 8k videos.

✔ It is possible that a phone screen size of 6.1 inches will come.

✔ The iPhone 14 comes with the iOS 15 operating system. It is possible that the iPhone 14 will be launched at a competitive price of 1000 US dollars. As for the specifications, this is all that has been leaked so far. it is considered best smartphone for business professionals 2022 .

3. Xiaomi Mi 11 :

phone in the Xiaomi category list, it comes with huge capabilities, an attractive design, and a competitive price. This is not unusual for Xiaomi, as they often provide powerful devices at reasonable prices. This phone was launched in late 2021, and it is also considered one of the best 2022 phones that users can try. Here are the specifications of the Xiaomi Mi 11:

✔ Snapdragon 888 . processor Qualcomm.
✔ RAM up to 12 GB.

✔ Storage space of 512 GB.

✔ 4600 mAh battery.

✔ An amazing AMOLED screen that comes in size of approximately 6.8 inches with a frequency of 120 Hz.

✔ 3 rear cameras: 108 Mpx, 13 Mpx, 5 Mpx, .

✔ The operating system is from Android 11 that can be updated.

✔ The weight of the phone is 196 grams with a thickness of 8.06 mm. As for the price of the Xiaomi Mi 11, it is $ 700, and it is available in many colors black, white, blue...

4. OnePlus 9 Pro :

Now in the fourth place with us, a OnePlus phone, OnePlus has highlighted a special position in the market in recent years in terms of the strong performance it offers. Here you will find the specifications of the best OnePlus phone ever, and one of the best phones in the world. OnePlus 9 Pro Specifications:

Best android phone 2022 .

✔ Snapdragon 888 . processor Qualcomm.

✔ 12GB RAM.

✔ Storage space in a device of up to 256 GB.

✔ Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 3120 x 1440 pixels.

✔ The operating system in the phone is Android 11, the latest version.

✔ It has 4 rear cameras 48 Mpx, 50 Mpx, 8 Mpx, 2 Mpx, and one front camera with 16 mpx.

✔ The phone comes with a size of 6.7 inches and a weight of 197 grams with a thickness of 8.7 mm. The OnePlus 9 Pro is available on Amazon at a price of $999.

Which smartphone should I buy in 2022?

Here are some other phones worth mentioning:

✔ samsung s21 ultra .

✔ samsung s20 fe 5g .

✔ iphone 13 pro .

✔ huawei p50 pro .

✔ one plus 9 .

✔ xiaomi mi 11 ultra.

✔ huawei mate 40 pro

✔ asus Rog 5 phone .